Richard James Bespoke, London

Nov 04, 2008


The first of the new generation to arrive on (or just off) the Row, Richard James and business partner Sean Dixon have, in 16 years, managed to position themselves as one of the most visible and respected bespoke houses in Mayfair. By introducing a more fitted approach to tailoring and developing fabrics to cater to customers’ changing needs (such as looking presentable for a business meeting after disembarking from a long flight) the house has helped to redefine bespoke, winning fans such as Sir Paul McCartney, Liam Gallagher and Nicole Kidman in the process. Richard James’ design signature is an elegant, elongated silhouette – perfect for those who don’t mind playing the dandy. Says James, “The craftsmanship that goes into a bespoke suit means that it lasts much longer than a normal suit. We still have customers visiting our store wearing suits they purchased when we first opened [1992].”
Suits from 3400 ($7064), VAT-inclusive; 4000 ($8310) inclusive for evening tails; ready in six weeks.

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Source: Qantas The Australian Way September 2008

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