Jobbymoons Are the Newest Holiday Trend

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Jun 19, 2018


Newlyweds have honeymoons, parents-to-be get babymoons – even working vacations get a special name (it’s “bizcation”, in case you’re wondering). 

But what about those who want to mark the professional milestone of starting a new role with a tropical holiday? 

Well, there’s now a name for that, too – a “jobbymoon”. Coined in a recent New York Times article, it’s the term we can now give to the blissful period of time when there’s no responsibilities hanging over your head from the job you just finished and the “dream” one you’re yet to start. 

Given the average Australian will change jobs every three years (whether within the same company or a brand new one), that’s around 13 opportunities for a much-needed jobbymoon over the course of a working life. 

And what better way to spend those few days ­– whether you have just a weekend or a full week – than truly zoning out in an exotic destination? A trip to an island-bound resort to sip colourful drinks and recline in the sun, perhaps, or finally taking that trip to see the Roman ruins? Even a staycation can be just as rejuvenating if you dine at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out for months, or lose hours at a new art exhibition. 

Wherever you go, there’s only one rule: there’s no checking emails or finalising projects when you’re on a jobbymoon. 

If you are thinking about work, it’s more likely to be taking stock of where you are in your career and setting goals for what you’d like to achieve in your new workplace – in between rounds of cocktails, of course.

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