Water Sports in Queenstown

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Jul 16, 2015

by AKASH ARORA, Features Editor

There are three major lakes (Wakatipu, Wanaka and Hawea) and two major rivers (Shotover and Kawarau) in the Queenstown Lakes District. That means one thing: plenty of water sports. Take a seat in Hydro Attack ­­– a semi-submersible, jet-powered, two-seater boat shaped like a shark – to zigzag your way across Lake Wakatipu at high speed. The boat goes from 0 to 80km/h in 3.9 seconds, dives two metres underwater, and makes six-metre-high jumps above the surface. It’s the kind of rush you’d expect from racing an F1 car – only on water. Or take a ride through the Shotover River in a jet boat for 360-degree spins and dramatic views of the world-famous canyons.