Global Roaming: Singapore views

Oct 20, 2010


It’s surprising that Singaporeans have only recently woken up to the fact that their crowded canyons of skyscrapers boast some super views.

Equinox Bar – 70 floors above street level – is holding on tight to its crown of venue with the best city views while fighting off a fresh crop of new contenders for the title. Not to be outdone, the 282m high 1-Altitude is the world’s highest alfresco bar, offering spiced rum cocktails, a panoramic 360 degree sweep of the city, and one of the best sunset spots in town. And the notion of a room with a view takes on a lovely perspective of Marina Bay and its skyscrapers with the swish rooms in the Fullerton Bay Hotel, the only hotel in town that’s literally built over the water. Meanwhile, sip a pre-prandial cocktail at Bob’s Bar while lounging on a day bed overlooking a bucolic tableau of mirror-still swimming pools, lush forests and the South China Sea. Closer to the ground, but with equally lush jungle views, are the cocoon-like massage suites at Beauty Emporium.

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