Emma Snowsill

London Countdown

Emma Snowsill: Triathlete
Age 30
Hometown Gold Coast, Queensland
Birthplace Gold Coast, Queensland
"I had to race my own race."
emma snowsill

Athlete Q&A

What’s your favourite section of a triathlon?
I love the run. In the race it means the finish line is near and it’s time for some rewards afterwards. I also love the freedom of running in general as you can do it anywhere - you don’t have to search for a pool or somewhere to swim, and travelling with a bike isn’t always the easiest!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. Particularly when it comes to training, you have to take the good with the bad when you are continually pushing your body to the limit. My mum also always reminds me that things look better after a good night’s sleep, so that makes things seem a bit more sparkly, too.

You’ve achieved so much in your sporting career, do you feel as though you’re competing against yourself more than other people now?
Previous to winning my titles I always felt as if I was competing against myself.  Nothing has changed. I have always looked to my competitors and never dismissed anyone on the starting line. However, I was taught very early on I had to race my own race, to focus on what I could do and make the race about getting the most out of myself.

What do you love about living on the Gold Coast?
The climate, training facilities, great food and coffee, and laid back atmosphere. Most of all it's to see my Mum and Dad. I love spending time with my family, as I am away racing quite a lot.

What are your favourite restaurants while at home?
Elk Espresso for Breakfast
Borough Barista for Lunch
Hellenika at Nobby’s Beach for dinner.

What’s been your most memorable travel experience away from sport?
Going to the Maldives and a small road trip through Italy.

What’s your favourite hotel abroad and why?
Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como. I was driving by and it just had this old world charm about it from the outside and a floating pool on the lake just looked so cool. I actually had to stop and see if there was a room (there was!) After checking in, there was so much more to it than I imagined: such as the regal, high-ceilinged rooms and views over the lake to the Grigne mountains. The other pool tucked away out the back in a lush garden felt like a secret little hideaway.

Any places in London you are keen to visit?
I am a foodie at heart and would love to go to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen or Barbecoa.

Where/how do you like to holiday during your time off?
First I like being somewhere quiet and secluded to catch up on sleep and re-charge, like a deserted island. I also like cities where things are happening: being able to go from one coffee shop to the next, discovering delicious food and wine, and just watching the world go by. 

Where will we be seeing you in five years?
On the other side of the competitor’s fence and enjoying a new chapter in my life.

About Emma

Emma Snowsill is recognised as the highest achieving female in ITU Triathlon history. An Olympic and Commonwealth Games medal winner and three time Triathlon World Champion, Emma has graced the winners’ podium a cool 23 times in her career. Emma’s victory in the Women’s Triathlon at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games represents a highlight.

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Career Highlights

  • Gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Gold medal 2001 Sydney Youth Olympic Festival
  • 2003, 2005 and 2006 ITU World Champion
  • Winner Chicago, Los Angeles, London and New York Triathlons
  • 3 x Noosa International Triathlon winner
  • Won gold at the 2006 Commonwealth Games
  • 1st female triathlete to win 3 world titles
  • More than 50 International wins
  • 2 x Australian champion

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