Casey Eastham

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Casey Eastham: Hockey Player
Age 22
Hometown Woollongong, New South Wales
Birthplace Albion Park, New South Wales
"Make sure you have time to enjoy the whole experience."
casey eastham

Athlete Q&A

What do you love about hockey over other sports?
I love the physical aspect of it and the fact that it’s a team sport and I get to share my experiences with several of my close friends. I think it is a game that requires being good at a lot of different types of skills including speed, strength, endurance and the various skills of the game.

Does the competitiveness between teams ever spill out off the field?
Not really. We’re close off the field with some of our fiercest competitors on field.

What has been your most memorable moment in hockey so far?
I have three memorable moments. Beijing in 2008 was amazing. Then winning the 2009 Junior World player and being named in the World team. Thirdly would be winning Commonwealth Gold in Delhi.

How do the Hockeyroos get pumped up before a game?
We bring speakers over from Australia and usually have a bit of a mix of old school and new tunes playing before the game.

You made your Olympic debut in 2008. What did you learn that first time?
To make sure you have time to enjoy the whole experience, it can easily pass you by and be over before you know it. I think it’s important to sit there and take it all in and remind yourself you are a part of something so rare.

What are you competitive in apart from hockey?
I think playing at the elite level you are born will a natural desire to win and compete so I am pretty much competitive in everything from playing cards to playing sports ‘socially’.

You spend time between Wollongong and Perth, where are your favourite places to hang out in both cities?
You’ll probably find me most at shopping centres in either city. My boyfriend is from Shellharbour which is 20mins south of Wollongong so we are usually in Shellharbour village having a meal at Stu’s Cafe. In Perth I like going to breakfast to the café strip just up the road in Victoria Park.

Where do you like to vacation during your time off?
I would usually like to go to somewhere tropical to lie in the sun by a pool or beach and just relax. I have been to Bali and Thailand and enjoyed both but I am keen to explore some more places. In Australia I like Queensland to holiday. Anywhere from the border up to Sunshine Coast I think is beautiful and the water is warm.

How will you be winding down after the Olympics?
I’ll be travelling through Europe with my boyfriend and exploring cities I haven’t been before. Then I’ll be looking to hopefully spend time with family back home in Wollongong before having to return to Perth to prepare for the next tournament.

Where do you hope to be in five years?
I think I’ll be retired following the Olympics in Rio 2016 and living back in Shellharbour. Hopefully I’ll be finished study and I’d like to have a couple of Olympic gold medals hanging up on my wall.

About Casey

Casey Eastham is only 22 years of age, and yet she has routinely proven her worth as a member of the Hockeyroos team, since her national debut in 2006. After being named in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team, former coach Frank Murray described Casey as having the potential to become one of the world’s best players. In 2009, Casey contributed to the Hockeyroos’ silver medal result in the Champions Trophy and was later named International Young Player of the Year and named in the International All Stars Team. Casey again proved invaluable in her contributions at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, where the Hockeyroos won gold.

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Career Highlights

  • Midfielder with 97 International matches scoring 26 goals
  • International debut at the 4 Nations Tournament in the USA 2006
  • Major International Tournaments include: 2008 Olympic Games, World Cup 2010, Commonwealth Games 2010, 2009 Champions Trophy, 2008 Champions Trophy

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