Destination Guide - Jakarta

Unlike tourist favourite Bali, Jakarta is more business than beaches – but mega-malls, markets, museums and mosques are among the good reasons to explore the city. As the capital, a visit to Jakarta is like a crash 101 course on the very diverse Indonesian culture.

The Basics

Currency: Rupiah (Rp)
Population: 9,600,000
Languages: Indonesian (official), Betawi, Javanese, Sundanese, English
Country code: +62
Area code: 021
Time zone: +8
Daylight savings: N/A
Electricity voltage: 127/230V
Electricity hz: 50Hz
Electrical plugs: Two-wire plug with two round prongs
Mobile network: GSM


  • Museum Nasional
  • Taman Fatahillah
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  • Istiqlal Mosque


  • July
    Jakarta International Kite Festival


Jakarta is hot throughout the year, with average highs remaining between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius. The wet season lasts eight months – November to June.

Getting there and around

Jakarta is a large city and traffic at peak times can be very congested. There are a number of public transportation options – taxis are common and can be flagged down or found in pangkalan (taxi queues) around malls and hotels. Bajajs (similar to Tuk-Tuks in Thailand or rickshaws in India) and Ojek (motorcycle taxis) are also common. There are a number of different bus services – the air-conditioned PATAS and Trans-Jakarta buses are the most comfortable. There is also a limited rail network with a few stops in Jakarta that links it to other surrounding cities.

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Further reading

Here are some suggestions for other destinations in South-East Asia.


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  • When hailing taxis in Jakarta, Bluebird Group are the best. If you are travelling from the Airport to the City Center you are expected to pay the tolls, not the driver. Tolls shouldn't be more than 30,000 Rp. The taxi fare will be over 100,000 Rp. This is very cheap. About ~$10-$15. When travelling in Jakarta, try to avoid walking alone and if you are a lady, please don't wear singlet tops or too revealing clothing. It will attract un-necessary attention.

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