Prague: Czech it out

Oct 03, 2008


Prague has become one of Europe’s hottest tourist destinations. Most travellers come to admire the baroque architecture and to unravel fascinating layers of history, but the highly drinkable Czech beer and the city’s many bars and taverns also constitute a powerful drawcard for many.

Bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes as those cobblestones in the Old Town can be hell on your ankles, and be prepared to occasionally get lost among narrow laneways and confused by inconsistent English translations of bar and street names. But don’t worry, you’ll probably discover yet another nice little place just around the corner that serves great-tasting beer and delicious, hearty food.

Czechs drink more beer per capita than any nationality, including their German neighbours, with the Irish and English their only serious rivals for consuming the amber nectar in pubs and bars. Czech lager is renowned as some of the world’s finest and the quality of the beer dispensed in individual bars is taken very seriously by Prague’s citizens.

Pilsner Urquell and Budvar are the best-known Czech brands internationally – and pilsner has become a byword for the highest-quality lager. However, you’ll also find many other local beers on tap around Prague. Dark lagers, in particular, are a Bohemian specialty, often used to wash down smoked meats, spicy sausages or a piquant goulash and dumplings.

Due to the republic’s location, German is generally more widely understood than English and Czech is a rather challenging language for tourists to get to grips with, but knowing a single word – pivo (beer) – will ensure you never go thirsty while exploring the city’s enthralling beer culture.

Beer Barsu Pinkas
Jungmannovo 16, Prague 1-Nov Msto.
+420 221 111 150.

Novomstsk Pivovar
Vodikova 20, Prague 1-Nov Msto.
+420 222 232 448.

U Flek
Kemencova 11, Prague 1-Nov Msto.
+420 224 934 019

U Konrna
Anensk 11, Prague, 1-Star Msto.

U Medvdk
Na Pertn 7, Prague, 1-Star Msto.
+420 224 211 916.

U Zlatho Tygra
Husova 17, Prague, 1-Star Msto.
+420 222 221 111.

U Rudolfina
Kovnick 10, Prague, 1-Star Msto.
+420 222 328 758.

U Sv Tom
Letensk 12, Prague, 1-Mal Strana.
+420 257 531 835.

Source: Qantas The Australian WayOctober 2007
Updated: July 2008
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