Ask the Concierge: Hong Kong

Sep 12, 2008

by QANTAS TRAVEL INSIDER, Qantas Travel Insider

When friends are in town I take them for a drink at
Felix, at the Peninsula Hotel.

The restaurant that best shows off Hong Kong is
Hutong, with its traditional Chinese decor, spicy foodand views of the harbour.

For designer fashion I steer guests towards
Pacific Place – a vast array of fashion, from European haute couture to local designers.

For the perfect gift/memento
Shanghai Tang – excellent quality, exquisite traditional design.

If I were wanting to see some great art, I’d be heading to
Hollywood Road and Wyndham Street – extensive antique stores and art galleries.

Hong Kong’s best-kept secret
Local cuisine such as milk tea, egg tart, pineapple bun and wonton noodle soup.

A visitor with a free day should
Go to Cheung Chau, a nearby island with a traditional fishing village lifestyle much as Hong Kong used to be, with excellent fresh seafood prepared exactly the way you like it.
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